Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Maintenance-Free Deck: Is This for Real?

What do you do when your wood deck is faded, rotted and splintering? Why, roll out a new one, of course.

Maintaining a wood deck is a pain. On a visit to my brother's home in Virginia a few years ago we spent our "quality time" together sanding and staining the shoddily-constructed and poorly maintained deck that came with his house. The sand paper was routinely shredded by overlooked nail heads and our staining job was undone by a freak and sudden rainstorm that passed through.

If only ProFekt had been around then.

The looks-like-real-wood product was created to "say goodbye to deck maintenance," which was a similar goal of the composite and plastic decking manufacturers. "Say goodbye" turned into "see you in a little while" with some of them.

ProFekt is a little different. You're not replacing your real wood deck. You're just covering it up. The ProFekt rolls out over the faded, rotted and splintering deck to present a "Real Wood Look Surface" that extends the life and look of the deck and basically eliminates the need to ever again rent a sander from Home Depot.

The 3 mm. thick, 5.5-inch wide material comes in 40 ft. long rolls, each retailing for $69.99. Available colors include Cedar, Redwood, Sea Coast Gray and Natural Tobacco Barn. A handy online chart helps you determine how many rolls you will need for your deck size. The ProFekt website also has some videos that demonstrate installation.

The product is allegedly available online at Home Depot, ProBuild and ArchaDeck, but I couldn't find it.

My feeling is that ProFekt will have its share of proponents and willing buyers, particularly as it is an alternative to actually maintaining that wood deck. There's part of me that compares this to throwing a coat of paint over an old, rusty car, but even in that case the painting sure beats working the rust out.

Got a wood deck? Would you consider ProFekt?

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