Saturday, January 2, 2016

25 Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Every Room POP!

After some sorting, I’ve compiled (25) home decor / home improvement projects ALL of us can do. These improvements will add POP to any room and look like you spent WAY more than you actually did!! And, isn’t that 1/2 the fun? For example, does your garage look like THIS? Uh, mine doesn’t but I would love for it to! Keep reading, and I’ll show ya’ how!

Project #1) Did you know that you can paint those old, ugly vinyl / linoleum floors? I didn’t, but I do now! Check out this tutorial on how you, too, can upgrade your old floors into something bright and trendy! WOW – this looks amazing! Click here for the tutorial!
Project #2) Add inexpensive hanging mirrors to the back of your closet doors. This will immediately make the room look larger! Paint to match and they’ll look like they were built-in.
Project #3) Bring LIFE to your garage. With just a few ideas, you can transform this normally hum-drum “guy” space into a true reflection of what’s going on inside! Super cute ideas and super fun! Click here for more on creating this space for yourself!
Project #4) Add this ‘basket-weave’ design to your drapes. They are stunning and look like a million bucks! What a beautiful way to enhance a simple drape.  Click here to learn more!
Project #5) Hide those pesky (yet necessary) TV wires in a shower curtain rod. WHAT? I know. But check it out – this really works and looks great.

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